The Place To Be

by Saubana

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released May 18, 2013

Alfonso Tena, Juan Portillo, Javier Piera, Fernando Burgos, Juan Toran, Pablo Duran, Alejandro Parrilla.



all rights reserved


Saubana Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Sadowa
He was enslaved and taken away
to a war where he was game
how could his life be so controlled
by those dark souls?

Emperors think his life they own
but they have nothing at all.
Track Name: Hindering
It's been long
Since you had said
That you felt great
That you have changed

Only got some blows
As I age

Perceiving with disdain hope
in despite of your chain

It has now
Gone away
And that is how
It should stay

While I wait I'll enjoy no more
No more dimness no thorns have I ever
Have I ever belonged to those
Who want's to live like the leather

And it has now
Gone away
And that is how
It should stay
Track Name: Take One
You said that I moved on
But time walks and lights are gone
You've got your own diseases
So step aside and watch your meal

Please step aside!

Lights off have shown me the way
I won't have to know about my age
You still have your own diseases
Mine though are resting in peace

Is this left or right?

You should've thought twice before regretting
You should've chased your life but now is late
To reject all that's been coming
On a silver plate

Your cowardice killed the chance of feeling free
There were a lot of paths along the way
And now you sit there shaking cause it's gone away

Gone away
It's gone

And it's gone away
Gone away
It's gone away
Gone away
Away away
Gone away